AIO Home Services

AIO Home Services

AIO Home Services offers services to residential home improvement contractors, rather than directly to individual consumers. Often, home improvement contractors specialize in providing a specific service, such as installing windows, HVAC installation/repair, plumbing, etc. These contractors routinely need “back-end” services, such as having an electrical panel relocated, or needing drywall or stucco repair. Many of these companies do not perform this “back-end” work themselves, because they lack the expertise or wish to avoid the liability associated with performing services outside the scope of their specialty. AIO Home Services will contract with these companies to come to their job site and provide these “back-end” services. AIO Home Services is a home-based franchise and does not require any warehouse or commercial space.

We operate in a specialty market within the construction industry. The general market for B2B subcontractors that focus on assisting residential home improvement contractors is limited in scope, as AIO is one of the first brands designed to specifically target this market. Our services are offered year-round, but experience seasonal cycles that coincide with the overall construction industry. You will compete for customers with other construction subcontractors.

AIO Home ServicesAIO Home Services
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