NorthStar Moving Company

NorthStar Moving Company

NorthStar Moving Company is a mature 35 year old business based in Los Angeles, CA. The high standards NorthStar has for moving the elite as well as your neighbor also is applied to any candidate. The process includes a clear review of the candidates personal leadership, management, sales, and resilience in handling challenges. We want a great match so as not to dilute the hard earned reputation as the best in the business. The clients speak for themselves including, the Getty Museum, celebrities, pro athletes, very high profile executives in the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles. These customers could call anyone. They call NorthStar. But so does the avg. family household or the offices moving up two floors in the same building Or those moving anywhere internationally. Their teams can pack it and unpack it at the new location or just pick up the boxes for storage in their facility. They do all this with competitive pricing b ut always with "red carpet" care.

The CEO/Owner will take on the role as the coach and mentor for new franchisees and after a conversation with him in the process you will find the superb culture of NorthStar is easily compared to a family helping one another. In the process the candidate will soon have any fears dispelled about floundering or lack of support. The integrity and character of this franchisor are easy to recognize and verify.

NorthStar Moving CompanyNorthStar Moving Company
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